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CUBOT King Kong (2018) IP68 Waterproof Rugged Smartphone Unlocked

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CUBOT King Kong (2018) IP68 Waterproof Rugged Smartphone Unlocked

Product Description




1.IP68 Waterproof Born with Toughness

CUBOT King Kong was designed with high level waterproof IP rating , IP68,the multi-defense protection was unassailable

2.No matter how Sandy it is, you keep on walking

As an outdoor phone, Cubot King Kong has good dust-proof ability, because of using of special material it has come to the top leading level to prevent the sand getting into the screen, even if the environment is so bad.

3.There is only one way to keep your phone sturdy and durable

From each side of the phone ,we feel the “safety”. The left and right side are made up of zinc alloy with high hardness, all corners are covered by imported soft plastic package and the whole body is with thick and skidproof texture, so CUBOT King Kong could bear 1 ton pressure.

4.It could deal with cold and hot environment

CUBOT king kong fits the working temperature between minus 35° to +60°. Whether you are on cold mountains, or the hot equator, CUBOT King Kong is workable

5.High quality hard screen to prevent scratches

CUBOT King Kong uses 5-inch LONGJI hard glass screen, It’s not easy broken screen, it’s not easy to be faulty or get scratched.


Never miss yourself.

Since King kong has pre installed magnetic sensor, with Compass APP, we won't get lost anywhere or anytime. Tips: You need download the comapss app from Googel shop.


Powerful standby time

Equipped with 4400 mAh battery, it's a good choice of you to have this powerful and durable outdoor phone.


13 MP HD rear camera

Front 8 MP camera with rear 13 MP camera, 0.03 seconds focus, it has a good restoration, HD video recording